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P Does SBURB things

In Which I describe various SBURB things! You can ask me to describe a Title and/or Land, tell you how well a team would work together, or give a character a title based on their personality.
Oct 23 '12

anthiena-deactivated20140426 asked:

Maid of Void, Land of Midnight and Whispers

A perpetual shroud of night covers your planet, the sky constantly a midnight blue colour. While the planets of your allies may not actually change the time of day either, yours certainly seems the creepiest when it is first arrived on. Torches show cobblestone paths made across the purple earth, leading to odd ruins and villages.

Ruins and towers cover the planet, made from stone, seeming like they may collapse at any minute. Inside these giant monuments, skeletons litter the floor, slumped against the walls in lonely rows. When these piles of bones are approached, a small, almost silent sound can be heard. Leaning your ear next to where the mouth would be, a quiet whisper flows smoothly out, speaking of a great monster and a great plague.

The Maid is a defender class, and one who uses their aspect as a shield. As the Maid of Void, you use obfuscation and the destruction of knowledge to defend yourself and your allies. You would be able to make enemies forget of your allies existence temporarily, hiding them from attacks while they set up for a greater ambush. You would also be able to make things secret, making it so that people could not find out a deep, dark secret about yourself or others, thereby defending them by destroying knowledge.

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